EduTailors’ Atelier Program

Becoming an EduTailors’ Tutor is fun and easy

EduTailors’ Atelier is a free training program designed to train and support tutors teaching on the EduTailors platform. As a Tailor, you can:

  • • Be up to date on the latest educational R&D
  • • Be more effective as a tuto
  • • Network within the education community

Sign up

After you sign up with EduTailors program, you'll receive a welcome email that introduces you to the program, where you will have access to:

Curated resources

Learning material

Lesson ideas

Product tips

Inspiration from other educators!

Build your skills

The EduTailors’ Atelier teaches you the basics when it comes to teaching and learning with a tablet and a computer. Our interactive guides offer you multiple ways to learn and include all the material you need to build projects in MS Office, Google & Apple products. They also teach you how to use some of the ed-tech apps to be more creative with lessons and student activities.

Earn recognition

When you’re ready, test the new skills you’ve learned by taking interactive quizzes on the EduTailors' platform. Pass a quiz and earn a new badge! It’s a fun way to track and share your progress. By completing the training, you will be recognized as an official EduTailors certified tutor, and you can use our logo to share your accomplishment with the world.


Upon completing the training program, you will receive a certification badge in your profile. This badge adds value and credibility to your teaching and will differentiate you from other tutors. If you have any questions, please email us.