“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Engage me and I learn.”

Chinese Proverb

What is the case method?

The case method is a supplementary teaching approach that utilizes real-life situations and puts students in the role of decision-makers facing a real-world problem. Case Studies help students:

Develop critical thinking

Think about outcomes and situations with a range of variables

Build teamwork skills across a variety of disciplines

Be better prepared for a case study type of interview with a college admissions officer


For decades, Case Studies have been successfully implemented in colleges and graduate schools in law, business and medicine.

Harvard Law School led the way, as it began to teach with cases in 1870, reversing a long history of lecture and drill. Over 80% of law cases studied throughout the world are written by Harvard faculty.

In a typical class using Case Studies, students do 85% of the talking, while the professor steers the conversation by asking questions and making observations.

What’s driving it?

Low student engagement leads to low student outcomes. Engagement is low when students can’t see the real-world application of academic knowledge.

This is where case studies fit in, as they show the real-world applications of “boring” academic theories. This is more effective when the delivery method is via a short video.

Research conducted by the OECD has proven that the introduction and implementation of this model, in secondary education, is necessary as the knowledge economy requires critical thinking and not just rote memorization.

Why EduTailors?

Our Case Studies have been recognized by Silicon Valley. The Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) and the New School venture fund hosted the iHub learning innovation event in Palo Alto in 2014. The founder of EduTailors was selected as a finalist in that event.

EduTailors is a rich media ecosystem, where students use the case method to master Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses in high school.

EduTailors Case Studies

EduTailors differentiates itself from other websites because its Case Studies:

Are 2D digital and 3D animation videos

Incorporate the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Have a social component that stimulates both boys’ and girls’ interest in attaining a STEM degree

Promote the female entrepreneur

Focus on global issues, thereby increasing students’ understanding of other cultures