Making a significant difference in the teaching and the preservation of the Greek language in the Diaspora

Greek Diaspora

The lack of native Greek teachers in megacities abroad, like New York City and London, have limited the Greek diaspora’s options when it comes to learning their own language. Greek has become a heritage language. At the current rate of decline, the Greek language will likely cease to be a living language within 2 generations.


New approaches are being tried, all claiming to incorporate the latest in language pedagogy and educational technology. But none of these approaches offer one-on-one tutoring sessions with a native Greek-speaking teacher, one who has graduated from the rigorous Atelier program of EduTailors. Our teacher training program is based on 40 years of a superb track record and will incorporate the latest in cutting-edge technologies.


Depending on students, educational needs and the teachers’ teaching style the platform is designed as a supplementary learning tool to be used in a variety of ways. There are 4 general modes of implementation.

1. One-on-One Tutoring

We redefine tutoring. Vetted and experienced tutors offer live, online and personalized courses to students wherever they are, and whenever they need them. Each student can select and evaluate a tutor using criteria like experience and rating.

2. Complementary Teaching Resource

The activities and assessments are organized under specific learning objectives, following an online curriculum outline that incorporates the best practices from abroad and from the Greek education system.

3. Mastery

The tutor can closely monitor the mastery of students' concepts in the domain of the Greek language and track how they learn best. They can then help students improve specific skills and their overall proficiency in the language.

4. Flipping the classroom

The flipped classroom inverts the traditional teaching methods, delivering instruction online, outside of the class, and moving homework into the classroom, where it is worked on together with the teacher. This method allows students to:

Watch the instructional material before each class, so they have more time to solve exercises with their teacher

Pause and re-watch a recorded session until they grasp the concept

Reschedule a class in case they are sick

Master the concepts fully, so that they can be confident on test day