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Status Quo

According to the OECD (2018 Education for a Bright future in Greece), only 40% of Greeks are satisfied with their education system. Why is this happening?

No Transparency & Accountability

Lack of Autonomy

Lack of IT penetration

A major problem!

According to the OECD (2017 Education Policy in Greece: A Preliminary Assessment), 77% of Greek students seek tutoring in high school, a number that reaches 99% of the graduating class.

Other issues with tutoring centers

Can your child skip a session?

Does your child feel confident asking questions publicly in front of other students?

Can you watch your child's session?

Looking for an alternative? Come online!

Education is transformed by information technology and broadband penetration allows it to feel the full force of digital disruption. As with any content-rich industry disrupted by the internet, transparency and distributability will increase. There will be increased transparency that will improve learning materials and increased focus on the talent in education, tutors!

Transparency & Accountability


Technology penetration

Online Benefits

Flexibility: We fit your life, with online sessions from wherever you are

Interaction: More than listening! Replaying recorded sessions for better understanding

Critical thinking: Critical thinking development with the use of case studies

Time: Saving travel time allows children to socialize with their friends

Access: Both students/guardians and teachers can watch on demand the recorded session

Choice: Both students/guardians and teachers have more geographical reach from the comfort of their own house

Ok...."I am game". But who is the right online provider to choose?

The appropriate provider

For your child's education you should focus on these parameters:


Knowledge of the Greek education system


Track record

Proven cutting-edge technology

Βetter Learning

EduTailors Private Tutor Tutoring Center
Teacher Choice
Public Evaluation Limited Limited
At work / At Home / On Vacation Only at Home
On Demand Subject to tutor availability
24 / 7 Subject to tutor availability
Students rewatch class
Parents view recorded class
Time Saved Depends
(Time saved) to socialize with Friends Tutor Classmates
Avoid Bullying / Embarrassment

*Note: In Greece, 27% of students reported being bullied at least a few times a month, compared to 23% on average across OECD countries.
(2018 PISA Greece)

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